Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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Jesus Leguizamo
Klaus Pichler
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Things all settled and different
The pain of feeling good
Fearing fog begging to steam tears

Where am I lost and have yet to be found?

I am making this place my home
Stepping and hoping there is direction
In a world that doesn't know time

I count minutes missing.

And then there all along, the weather vane spun
Backyard dance round and round-
I can enjoy this, too

Now, again, and now on..

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moments of still...

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Naida Šerak
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via ms lady day
The quiet in between
Creating moments of still
This is where peace rests

The pause of my chest
The rise of the breath
There is little left
But a moment is kept

Library run-
Little sun-
And homeless poetry-
A line spoke to me--

It is in the middle of things that quiet is found
This is the space where peace resounds

And in sudden memory
I let go of all the you's and me
I rest joyfully in my simplicity

Stillness is filling if you let it
Joy is ordinary if you notice
Exhale with airless relax
And let yourself come back

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Old shoes worn thin...

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Jose Montes Hernandez
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Jason Webb
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She asked herself why she loved old things
If it was their story
Or that their story had been forgotten
Left to part
She took them to heart

She preferred the simple way
Candles, baths, and tea
These things made her move slowly
And she could melt away
Into a moment's drift

It was time to change
There were habits to break
Her shoes worn thin
New steps to begin

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tearing teeth...

Hyungkoo Lee
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Vincent Fournier
Charlie Rubin
Suzy Lelièvre
via Earth Age
Gnawing limbs and pulling wings
Running over the stream straight to the ocean
You won't find the one you're looking for

Not here.

Look to the wind and drink with a sour tongue
Write words and pretty things
Waiting to hear what the gypsy woman tells me

Paying for future guarantee
You're a wolf
Hair in attack
Sweet bite tearing
Stomping cement beat

There is still heat.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just for now...

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Suzy Lelièvre
Lisa Rastl
Vincent Fournier
via Vertical
I believe sharing in you
Sometimes I crawl out for you to hold
But it's just for now

There is no movie screen future
Playing rewind may seem kind
But it kills present time
I stand out of line

It's all just for now

Taking trail next to the train wail
Iron horse of Troy
Calling to the golden goddess
Feminine strength
Bold in her understandings
Open in her tastes

Just for now

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy space...

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Fabien Raclet
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Randy Martin 
Saturday night filled with games and things
That don't cross my mind
Playing in still time
I prefer to unwind

Letting the steam softly weep
Been a full week
Thankful for solitude
Exposing myself nude

My heros of the past
Let their anger rage
Never denied the wise sage

There is nothing that you can't let be
No barriers left in me
This is the space
This is space
I hold space

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wash me clean...

via all the mountains
Shinichi Maruyama
Cameron Ballensky
via enjoythesilence
via all the mountains
There is never a good time
To choose stepping into line
Intertwined in stories of making
Always here for the taking

This is the nail to the coffin
How can you ask what you already know?

I take me as I am
I choose to feel slow
Somehow I'm always led to know 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Iron dream...

Alexa Eisner
Len Hurtado
Fabien Raclet
 Dan Voinea
via Vertical
And in the fading twilight
The iron window softened

She saw crumpled cream in a dream
Drank in quiet slow
But this, she chose not to show

Tonight she felt tired
Chose to retire
And awoke into sleep knee deep

Her steps taken away
There she lay
Floating into steam
She lived her iron dream