Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Alexa Eisner
I found the words I had lost
Created and dissipated into stored past memory
Digital display of history
I took back that mental touch
Lovers lost and new eyes in city gleam-
So much beauty asking me what it means--

Equal parts exhausted and thrilled
Tension feeds progress
Pushed outside of bounds screams to change
Singing 'home' I heard my prayer
Sunlight melting to freedom melody

The many rotating parts inside this me-
Personalities neglected and found--
Today I reread theory. Then old poetry.
Yesterday I drooled for canvas and painted floors.
I asked my hips if they would sidewalk sway.

Whispers form new channels for this hallow desire

The palm reader told me I will never be satisfied
That is the root of unknown drive
So I give in.
I give in.
I give in.
I like living with a little bit of sin

I dare to get lost-
What really is at cost?--