Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving sickness...

Maria Friberg
via moon to moon
Keith Davis Young
via enjoythesilence
Alex Dijulio & Alex Larsen
Li Hui
The critique in mind works alongside
A test of divine drive
Pushing you to hold onto truth
You cannot live a life for another

Ancestors and family and friends say
That which they don't know they were trained to feel
Breaking old beliefs and reworking structure

Lean away from other
And hope that I can have a life like you
Make it so for me and be that which I see
I must become for whatever I long

Moving sickness and sharp speech
I need only ask my body and drink from my ribs
My survival, emotions, and sense of center bleed

I have chosen the long path of me
A daring adventure most pretend they don't see
All answers await
I am learning to trust not just fate
But to ask and do and make it be true
This is my life
And it's not up to any other you

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Beth Hoeckel
Christopher Frederick Jones
via enjoythesilence
via pinterest
Olivia Locher
via rebel:art
Take both my hands and pull me apart
Foreground texture mirroring forgotten patterns
I have blended into surrounding shapes
Background canvas lay me to rest
Reach away pulling outlines to new form
I peel slowly from the landscape

Inside now outside 
Foreground and background
Together woven deep
Dependent on each to be
Layer upon layer
How do we distinguish you from me?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Alicia Martin
Scott Beale, Dancer's Among Us
via Daughter's of Simone
via B(e) Notes
Rafal Milach
Osma Harvilahti
Death dance of gracious gifts
Feeding and flowing with Winter's whisper
Offering to life that live beyond me
I am here as an old Beginner

I remember those times too
Friendship in laughing clouds
Best friends and sharing it aloud
I miss you here
It's 10:42 and I think of you
My best friend we should not be two

Books and clothes and pictures and things
That inspire me
I want time to keep learning to continue on
This spirit has yet to learn patience
I am here.
You are there.
And I cannot open to the door to you

When I am there I thought of then
And now that I'm here, the recent past sings again
Always a step behind
I fantasize of romantic times
I enjoy the heaviness of rain
It keeps me alive
Feeling wet weight
The cold fog teases me with moist breath

I'm in a coffee shop
Sitting in one of those half outside half inside windows
I will not put my jacket on
I will pretend the yarn of my sweater top is not thickly woven allowing breeze to touch my skin

I received a hand written note from you two days ago
Dear friend, hello.
I agree.
Let us just speak of where we are in this moment
Of the trailing thoughts
Of the meandering movement
Let us leave the drama of our life behind
We are just Beginner's

Monday, September 24, 2012

Learn with heart yearn...

Opened to new worlds
Breathed in a refreshing breath
Scent unknown
But comfort kept

A great design
Of figures and shapes
Passing times and counting rhymes 

Presence in melancholy
Opened to singing soulfully

What tree would you be, she asked
If you could be a tree which would you choose-
I wondered--
Weep with the willow
Flow like the silver magic

Learning to learn
Learn with a heart yearn
Choose a life of love
Choose to learn love

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poisonous Apple...

Slick warm
Delicious picture in brilliant poetry
Hot glass of desire
All over soon
Beautiful fever born easy
Drunk prisoner after perfect poison
Violent breath take shot
Worship between the mad know.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wise Oak...

 Old as Oak
Rooted firm for all time
Soft soil supports you
Holding your strength in reaching limbs
Nimble with the wind
Bending in a dance
This world is but a trance

Dear wise Oak
Spread your shade upon me
I seek wisdom
And you are much older
I cling to your bark and make my mark

Dear wise Oak
Your view has grown far above
What is it I cannot see?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pointing the green arrow...

The target lies ahead
Green arrow spearing serpent hearts
The tearing in two of what was once never apart

Cement rain clouds taking autumn away
Tearing fern stems without a care
I used to sit for hours and feel the tickle of the prick
The fern was left with nothing but its bones
Single moments of pleasure outlived its glory

Dare I look to you
Dare I ask the moon
Dare I expose myself
For I am not afraid
I just don't know if there's anything left to expect

Trampling along in a fresh calm
I feel foreign when the wind blows my hair like this
I want to kiss
Lift me into the ocean wreck
I will battle monsters and sail to sea
This is where the sirens and titans meet me
I lay here waiting

Green arrow shoot me inside
Green arrow pointing toward the target
Green arrow point yourself

Monday, September 10, 2012