Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleepy train strides...

I live a life full of fills
I wanna wake up where you are
Because I like to go far
I was made to travel this world wide
Experience the stride of kicking and connecting
Waking up to rivers and city lights
I'll do it all
Just once, maybe
Just because
I know this is the only life I get
And I like my current trip
I was made to live a full life
Filled with full

Off to the Big Apple to take one last sweet bite
Ready to reunite
Mirror mirror reflect to me
That which I don't know I need to see
Tastes of sweet poisons
Just to remind me how free it can be

Hanging on
Hanging high
I'm a little lost
Filled with love and willing to take a hit
Believing in the change I wish to see
I want all to travel beyond that which they need
We are meant to live a life of fullness
A life of beauty
This could be the sweetest saddest dust
I've ever seen
Turned into miracles
Racing minds charged by the sight

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Desert Rays...

My Visit to Arizona
 Vast sky and beating sun
Everything in the desert has thrones, she said
Silent words road tripping to passing tunes
Planning bad decisions marked in ink
Always looking for a reason
Burning cigarettes down to my fingers
Sipping sweet poison
The smell still lingers from the night before

Release and forgive the crazy
There is no use to sit here alone
Crystal clear green beckons our touch
Wild wind whispers our name
 Fall into the grand
Forming canyons of selves
Deep grooves of old and new
Life is a history, we are a part

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Roaming night of mischief
Window peaks into sunset dust
The weather vane is a must
You decide it can be this way
Cracked open from past pain
Frying eggs on sidewalk chalk
Cacti thistle punch
Thankfully pricked
Your smile radiates around you

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out of my head...

Give me something real
Give me something real to say
I'm sick of this shit-
Reading back line over line
Of him and her-
And this and that-
I want substance
I'm looking for justice
I need moral ground
To align these steps

I want to find myself in you
No more ego to focus on
It's time to look beyond
If you don't give
What have you left behind?

To see the vision that be
I have to believe beyond me
Life is not about success
It's about making a difference

What is worse violence or silence?
What legacy do you see?
How do we connect back to the beats of soul?
 Let's get the ball to roll-

Sick of spectacle
I need substance
Give me some realness
So we can heal this

How do we hide behind our fear-
Grabbing a beer?
Running clear?
Look, it's time to steer
Sit here near

What do you worship?
Who do you wish to be?
What if others are not free?

Find a way
Because spirit will pay
That's why I'm here to stay
Think what you may
But I will love you anyway

It's time to teach empathy
Let's learn how to make equality
To turn away from treason
We need more than reason

What about the courage of compassion?
Do we teach the power of passion?
We are too afraid to say what we feel
because we are trapped in this fake deal?
It's time to get real.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Questions are Answers...

Who inside this mind asks the question why?
Is the demon the gift of reflecting light?

How do the crows know where to take flight?
Their shine moves in unison-
How do they know when to begin?

If I could travel back in time and press rewind-
Would lone living treat me more kind?
Living with a village family,
just a few we on a hillside-
Before cell phones and airplanes and emails and instant connection-
Which world is a perfect heaven?
Is there a reason to keep a busy pace?
What is left we have yet to face?

Do I have access to the inner world of me?
How can I ever know that I am free?
Is the best really yet to be?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

You gave me this song...

No matter what happens on the outside
You never have to fight against anything
Because when you notice
The nudge goes away
You will be taken all along
 Sometimes that song will take me there
I've spent hours listening to a tune on repeat
Simply because I can't get off the high
Texture like sun
My mind runs
Throughout the night
Never fight with a frown

Take both my hands.
I will hold yours in mine.
This is intertwined.