Thursday, December 10, 2015

two cups...

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Yumna Al-Arashi
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For him

Let the smoke guide your path
Let subtle sparks recall the taste
Let the pattern twist with grace

Untying knots
Slight kinks
Smooth touch

I invite you to play
I invite you to imagine a new way
I invite you to explore texture of our being

Classical music
Tambourine tarot
Two of cups with my tea

Friday, November 13, 2015

So hey...

Sometimes by Beach Fossils
Marisol Escobar
Sara Macel
Butterfly nets catch passing thoughts
Hibernation is at a cost
Wing span of color plans
Talking to myself out loud

Kitchen ballet studio
Giant man socks & oversized cat sweatshirt
Top bun & scarf, wrapped 3 times

It's cold outside
The leaves have turned
I see warm tones

Let's go have fun
Let's bake a cake
Let's set a play date

So hey, it changed
But I already started over
So, hey it changed
I'm just catching up

Let's look
Let's travel
Let's make
Let's be

It's a simple thing
Need no key
Just live in your integrity

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Alexa Eisner
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Chris Forsyth
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Looking toward becoming
Waves of you speak to me in past dreams
I dove in cool pools
Slipping down deep granite walls
Released breath floating to the surface
Dark and refreshing sound of silence

Nowadays I've let go
Nowadays I think of you in the morning
Nowadays I say hello to the guilt
Guilty of desire

Sleeping in shapes up against you
Some part of me reaching toward some part of you
You told me to rest

You used to pick me up
You used to stop to look at the view
You used to listen with a smile

Nowadays I let go
Nowadays I say hello
Nowadays I don't know

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Scott Beseler
This morning I woke to cravings
To hear the wind whisper decisions

I asked for pen and paper
But left my journal behind

I woke to you-
Imagined things I want to do--

Tarot spoke of battles and death
So I sat and listened to my breath

Bob Dylan rooted my heart
Another day, another start

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sandcastle Dreams...

Daniele Buetti
 Omer Agam
I forgot what was forgotten
Until I peered into an empty cup
"But you are so free," she said to me
"Why would you choose any other way to be?"

Sweating breath into backbends
My heart is clean
Bright emerald green

Bodies only know honesty
Talking to unknown deities
Empowering truthful routines

I have built sandcastles in the sky
Longing for the high but not knowing why

Will you wonder galaxies with me?
Dive into the depths of worldly mystery?

Tidal waves create unseen sand shapes
And so I suppose my life awaits

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Identity needs cease...

Dan Abramson
Martin Valentin Fuchs
Kate Peters
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Yves Klein
Alexa Eisner
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Right steps twist in your limbs
This fleeting whim weaves a whistle trail
Giving all the reach I span
Letting go of any plan

I walk this city up and down
Asking sun to light my eyes
Praying the Universe is wise

Unknown destiny signals release
Identity needs cease
I took the pictures down
The fabric has fallen
Corners open and visible
New needs
Humbled to my knees
The faint calling

How am I meant to give?

Don't know the right place
Simply exploring this space

Past photographic capture
Exposing new details of the journey
Why such a Hurry?

Relaxing with rose oil
He handed me the gift in perfect time
The opportunities call
I'm giving now my all

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Kimberly Pratt
Anwen Keeling
Fredrik Broden
Alexa Eisner
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Fredrik Broden
Alexa Eisner
Hard drive deep dive
Layer screens between
Motionless swirling sound
Another merry-go-round

Let me learn you
Let me know you
Let me calm you

This is just a body
Pulling from magnetic force
Mind over matter
Sick of all this chatter

Let me touch you.
Let me touch you.
Let me calm you.

Friday, February 6, 2015

All we ever need is energy...

Alan Dindo
Sarah Maloney
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Resting on treehouse beams
San Francisco waking from deep dreams
Roaring light over hillside
Seagulls swirl to new height

Steam sings to heated skin
The precarious nature of delightful whim
You, in your way, getting ready for the day

I have to go.
Tell me everything.

Will we share the same stories-
Without new words to say--
Will I be able to stay?

We projected that film onto the blank wall
A desperate plot for eager escape
Tools found in dusty storage of history
Is there room for me?

A countdown from 10 over two year span
Without knowing future plan  
Can't hide the pound of my beat
 Singing sweet vulnerability

Lifted hugs and hanging toes
Carry me into thankful praise

Marching Main Street
Climbing ivy staircase
Ferry floating with the sea
All we ever need is energy