Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ice old...

I believe in the organe tree
There will be fruit to see
To taste
To hold

You wouldn't feel what you feel
 if there wasn't something else waiting for you

Like Amelie running round
Sweet polka dots and silly service regulars
Sipping coffee asking for tea
Wondering what fix they need

I sit and run
And smile
The sun shines in a moment
Or rain drops ask my eyes to rest
I step in puddles
Re-find my way to the damp park
Bike bells

I can choose lipstick
With this past piece
I have good feelings in future memories
Resting and reinvigorating the knowing
What has always run through me

I have much to be thankful for
Stories even a novelist wouldn't believe
And moments that ring
Like profits and gurus
Temples deep

Many people seek
But I have no answer
Only a feeling 
Of dancing in the rain
Of walking round
A simple life with color
I sit in my yellow room.

I have a yellow room.
And I painted it.
Once a school bus took someone for a ride
Then covered up in seek deep purple gray
I heard its cry
Come back to yellow
I live in a yellow room.

I am letting go
with my heart
The train ride song
And the tea bag
had nice things to say
shared heart lines to me
Non resistance is your key

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Swing song...

Ezra Stoller
Triple Mike
Tested by city flavors
And enjoying the taste
Elusive salty sweet

Today I sat on a swing, and I moved
Up and down
Holding freedom
One moment surrounded in purity
So much going on

Im doing work.

I sat on a swing at lunch today
People with their sandwiches in hand
Meeting an outside land
And key ring cards to building entrances

I called out to the tree 
Noticed the branch before me
Told me to keep my eyes closed in light
Lean back feel uneasy flight
Follow blind sight and swing up to you

My hair is long
Flinging in a swing song
Dipping into bright tunes warming cold soul

You know we've been on
Nothing needs to stop.

Times have changed
Time moved on
And we hold on
And we had joy

Oh boy we had joy

So much gone going
Sleeping is closer to today
Sleeping real
And real in sleep
Knee deep in bleak
And everything feels so far
And the past undone

Dirty game
Time to hold back change
The universe moves in waves

Friday, October 12, 2012

You know you...

via bohemian bitch
via bohemian bitch
Bridget Collins
via LoveMore
via moon to moon

Alexa Eisner
Things will feel good
And good that they do
But sometimes they won't
And that's ok too

Either way-
You will know you

Holding space
Soul light through pores of life
Breathing as a warrior holding still
I invite you to take in more air

I played within my head
Touched my self within

Past is more distant than ever before
The first time I have felt safe
Steps of my own
Shining when I'm alone

Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreaming in Real...

via LoveMore
Chrissie White
via all the mountains
via all the mountains
via Bohemian Bitch
via LoveMore
via LoveMore
Alexa Eisner
 Time flies with passing winds
I dreamt of sailing in vastness
And the water whispered to me
Keep your dreams near
Dream in real my dear

Should you try this way from fear?
Or believe in the journey you set out to do?
Were you made to be any other person but you?

Two friends beside me
I look to them and ask
They stare out to the water
And we watch gleaming possibilities bubble and shift

I caught drift
Woke up with a salty scent
Grabbed a pen and paper
And asked the same question
Only I felt a new weight of daylight
Dream in real
Because real is a dream

Saturday, October 6, 2012


my photo, Berkeley, CA
my photo, Berkeley, CA
my photo, SF, CA
via iGNANT
my photo, Berkeley, CA
There is something in my natural that you don't see
Can't open to swim within
Don't know the magic of nothing
Being in my room
With my eyes shut
You were raised by them
A sister to me
Checking in feels like a check up
Can't raise myself to cheer the way I do
You sound so happy you're really scared?
Are you?
I want my wants
Creating links from me to the Earth center
Everyone else can run town this vine
This is my space of me
And I create that which I see
My Mama lied to me
Be anything you want to be-
That's already made for you--
The subject line
Her fear roaring through family gossip
When I was seventeen my mother said to me
"Don't stop imagining
The day that you do is the day that you die"
Are you having fun?
Am I having fun?
You will either be confused
Want what I have
Or fear
But all I need is your love
I will work it out
I will take care of me
Trust me
I'm learning to trust me
Never fast enough
I love you
I can be surrounded in an instant 
If I need it

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


my photo, Berkeley, CA
my photo, SF, CA
my photo, Paris, France
via LoveMore
via all the mountains
Michael Strandjord AKA Triple Mike
my photo, Portland, OR
The view keeps changing from here
Midnight madness and passing ticks
The clock chooses one moving moment
 Clarity of a history that repeats

A me that has always been
A me that will always be
And a me that I can share

Voices from unknown generations
Inspiring colored shapes
I wear jewels from the past
Lockets of sweet times
Opened to reveal a new love

I got life.
I got breath.
I got faith.