Sunday, January 19, 2014

Which one of us is caving?...

Ali Gulec
via adessive
Michael Donovan
I let the sad man look in my eyes
Bus stop chatter
I smelled his broke smoke
Riding away in my seat
I looked back to say it's ok
It may have made my day

Do you hear the silent heart thump?
Strangers passing street corners
Beating and breathing

An Indian man with no front teeth
And her, in her hoops and Niners jacket
Sunflower seeds and smiled laughter
Genuine joy that knocked my knees

Making space for the happenstance
The moment-
That arrived.
The moment-
That gave me in.

I want you to say
I want you to stay

Been sick with uneasy joy
Taking is easier than giving
Unless there's nothing to see

All along me and my song
Hands in the air waving spells
Telling story endings

Passenger to this ego road trip
tangled mind maps
a maze of glory and blaze

I know none of this is
I know none of this is
I know the point is to let

And so there's nothing to hold.