Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Teeth...

Jennifer Turner
Random bursts create moments of pleasure
Inward focus
Blind to the outside
Knowing nothing can reside if it only hides
Where do you choose to place faith?

Taking ability to continue
Bold is bright
Letting go of what is protected
It matters, that's why it's kept inside

Fakebook keeps us connected
Tied to words and images
Chew off these baby teeth
Where does evaporated power go?

The color of a twirl sings sweet on my lips
I make breakfast every morning
because it makes me happy.

I see the light, sometimes alone
Fishing for understanding
You won't find it-
Protect yourself from their worry
Because no one else matters
And I mean that in the most loving way possible
Clash because you have to stand away
Because it's what your heart say

Today is just another day.
Today is just a day.
And we are made of many days with many moments
Filled with many me's making many choices
Today we have another day
Today is our day

Monday, April 23, 2012

Old is the New...

Off beat
Broken shore
Sea shore sure

Clear ink
Tastes sweet
Old fashion treat
Take your time
In the hide away

I travel over and under worlds

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bright Patterns...

Enter the wonder glass
Just for the love
Of looking

Enter the game
Just to play
Hearing and sharing and listening
To stories

Who says there's no sense to nonsense?
Color mismatches
All patterns are alone
Unique in a beauty
Making repetitions that can't ever repeat
Nietzsche's beautiful chaos
The underworld of chaos
Chewing out moments of chaos

Remember when we ate those candies as a kid?
The one's that were so sour they hurt
The war of the warhead
And then 30 second's later you found sweet revenge
So well earned
Or the fireballs
Thrusting you into a pit
Until you made it
Back out

Bittersweet between sweet
Finding the timing of in between

I love color.
I love color.
I love color.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


And you trust it to this
And you trust it to that
With all that you've done
You're still running tongue

Talk of this
Mention of that
But no one knows
Or cares in fact

You make the choices
It's in your power
Don't pass it along
Or listen too closely to any other song

This journey is long
It began long ago
You never and always know where to go

There is no just starting now
Then you'd erase all the learning somehow
When did you think it stopped?
Because then when would it begin?

Morning new, yet again
Meet the day with a smile
There's a lot to be done
while your head is still young
Today it begins, yet again
If it ended you wouldn't ask if it started
Constant cycles offer new glances
There are plenty of chances 

Life turns you upside down and over
Just to make sure you remember
That the inside is more important than the outside
It's not about reacting to the world
It's about making your own

Make beautiful things.
See beautiful things.
Know that you are beautiful.
And everything will always be this way.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Watching judgements arise
Feeling the surprise
Unrest put to the test
What are you here to show me?
How do you reflect me?

I do not like unease
I feel it in the breeze
Space inbetween
Silence fills us with promise
If this was the end it would fade away

Look into my eyes
How have I hurt you-
Why am I here for you?
Let me share with you my plee
See me too, this story is two
Our journey's put us into oath
Let's toast to the end
Because differences will no longer linger
And we will look back
Because it will pass

Today I choose to open my heart
Feel the possibility of compassion
Let go of resentment and illusion
It is not you but me that created this opporutniy
Always looking for new ways to see
And you open that potential within me