Monday, February 24, 2014

Wave after wave...

Benedict Morgan
via thenletitbe
 So we drifted, wave after wave

I let the lighthouse guide me to new shores
Jumped into a rocking boat
It carried me afloat
wave after wave..

But I dove into the emerald sea
And you would not follow me
I committed myself to deep dive
Knowing I wished to feel alive
wave after wave..

I passed every fish I could see
But no longer in a state of flee
Glancing back to a shadow surface
The sailor's ship drifted with no purpose
Blocking gleams of light
I watched the passing night
wave after wave..

Don't tell me you want to stay
You never stopped the sway
wave after wave..

And so we drifted, wave after wave

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Aneta Ivanova
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via enjoythesilence
Vivien Ayroles
via moon to moon
The more I want you
The more I remember to let go
The more I need you
The more I search within for peace
The more I do for you
The more I let go of your noticing

Walking a stairwell spiral
One step just past the last
Take pause to look up
And patiently ask-

We'll get our chance.

Distance speaks in passing months
Sharing unknown minds
Knocking teeth I choose to speak

Unaware of my silence
Reverence for the emptiness
I ask you for a kiss