Sunday, April 21, 2013

Her in her day...

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via Soundboy Interior
Randy P. Martin
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Startled by her beauty
Intrigued by her way

I imagined how she would move
In the worst of days

Clouds and coffee and tears, still pure

I desired to imagine her pleasures
And step into her path

Her way set me aside
I felt the sigh and fell into disguise

Monday, April 15, 2013

Pressing sand washed clean...

Revista Indigo
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silent zen star
Web of circling veins
Loosening the reins
Kicking sides to gain speed
And on the road she paved a trail

Her dreams took her far
Worries washed into waves
Pressed sand once rang deep
Salt swept past grains to clear space
Smooth and soft ready to be repressed
She stepped into her footprint

And off she rode far with pumping heart
Head to toe rushing beat
Into the night she kept heat

Sunday, April 14, 2013

She lit a fire...

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via LoveMore
Patricia Derks
She lit a fire
Melting color down her spine
Falling wax releasing light

She lit a fire
Soft rouge took to her cheekbones
Her smile rose to the mountain top
Quietly yelling out in angry joy
She proclaimed her land
A settler of the exploring types

Last I saw her was in your tone
She left and found no place to go
She left and I have let her go

She lit a fire
There was no choice
All paths lead to one

Skin shattered and crumbled clay
Dripping away flying into smoke
She unveiled the cloak

She lit a fire
But where could that girl have gone?