Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Withering Winter...

(Carolyn Victoria)
Repetitious repeating patterns
Windmills turn over and over
Water falls calmly downstream
while wild Salmon continue to fight upwards.
Pushing their way through, silently,
knowing this is what they need to do.
Call my name.
Over and over and over.
But it's not the same.
There are those who wait to pounce-
Patiently watching as their prey move by-
No need to strike--
The distance enlivens the taste.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


(Louis Porter)
Reach down deep into my closed eyes.
I could live in this sleep walking.
Falling into this morning cup of Joe-
Hoping the light lifts me out this door.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Golden Brown...

(Louis Porter)
(Carolyn Victoria)
(Daughters of Simone)
Exposed- but you miss me.
Look into me please, these eyes are talking to you.
See my simplcity-
But know that I will forever reach
I can't stay

Up and down
City lights offer me sight
Roots create security
One day I will marry
One day I will run in fields with you
One day I will be ready

But my mind is busy
At work
Look forward with me
Because I cannot look back

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nothing compares to you...

I am going home.
It seems like a mere outline these days-
afraid, unsure, and changed.
But though things rearrange
I know where to go-
Where champagne and giggles cure the soul
Where I can laugh and cry and wonder why
It is the way it is.
And I know that you get it.
And wonder too.
And wish to be and see everything I do
Friends like these come around once every lifetime
I am lucky to have mine

Even as the seasons change
And our life circumstances rearrange
We still move in a groove
The beat between us always hums in my ear
And so, no matter where I go
I am inspired by you dear

My girls ground me to my roots
Or let me go high- like a kite--
I let go of might and simply take flight.
My girls remind me of who I am when I forget-
And I know you will always catch my drift--
So with you by my side
I charge forward pursuing
Passion without question
And take it all in stride.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Late Night...


This is to you, and by you
I mean you.

I decided to write to you today.
And partly to say, hey.
But mostly to prove my love-

Which is silly
Because words prove very little.

It is not in these letters but in your eyes
where I know what to say.

And for that I can only sparkle back.
And in harmony.
We say yes.
One Day...
Some of my photos from New Orleans, LA

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Feelings...

(Louis Porter)

Moving shadows
Following behind me
Walk away
Choose honesty
See this dance
Bow with me

I can just be this way with you and I don't know you
I can just be this way all the time
I can just be
With myself
Wander with space

I watch
in trance
Steps of neon
She makes me sad, you don't have to choose this
You can choose this
Do you like this?
Seductive lights
Do they make you cry?
What does your smile say?
I can see you
I can see myself
And I will let it
Move freely

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lingering on...

(Louis Porter)
Is it true what they say about prayer flags?
Your wishes come true as they fade away?
Broken torn and worn thin threads
Prayers reveal as the wind treads
This time it was my fault.
I reached out
Knowing it was me
And not you
Hoping to grasp but afraid of your return
Then ignoring you like a ghost that refuses to go

And looking up to him
Marching my way
I want to run 

And you sir there in the cornor
Lying lies and secret eyes
You make no sense
I can't see
And you don't want to
But... still... 

I feel sad knowing that it's just about feeling sad
No holding onto hope
It can't be you
I wish it was you in the cornor
But deep down I don't want to play

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I only know what I know...

Winter Solace is calling my name
Into clear clean white
Laced up

I only know what I know
I don't know your way
Or why
Or for any reason that there is a reason

This random game of chance
We built this world into pieces
And so it is time to retreat
Into the deep bright unknown
Buried layers where I find
In the mind

This time it will heal
This time I will feel
This time I will let go
This time I will be safe
This time I need not fear
Being alone
I have my window
I see a view
Tiny lights of people
All inside
Looking out back at me 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl in Port...

Let fall your soft and swaying skirt
Let fall your shoes

Let fall your shirt

Then later on she walked around

The winding streets

She don't know who she wants to be

And if I knew, I'd tell-

And she tells me she's had fun

Up in her place the records spin

Needle in the grooves that she's worn thin

She lives asleep and she sees her name

And she's got a smile on her face

She's got a story you can't see

I cut fresh new pieces from myself

And for a second something in me

Said leave today it's time

But I'm not sailing just for sport

I've come to feel out on the sea

These urgent lies pressed against me

I'm just a guest, I'm not apart

My tender head

My easy heart

These several years out on the sea

Have made me empty cold and clear

Pour yourself into me

(Carolyn Victoria)
 Listen to the silent ring of the bell--
--whispers of wind
Inside looking out