Thursday, December 27, 2012

Find Relief...

via enjoy the silence
Eric Lacombe
via rebel:art

Fabien Raclet
via ms lady day
 And now that you have entered my sight
I trust the waves will spill with might
And find relief in this uneasy flight

A walk
Sun spots and wired trees
Crowds and old and young
City bus recycling

Painting dreams
Standing dances
And letting her go

You have entered my mind
And just then
Someone comes along...

I used to live there too
Trampled snow shoe
Frozen stumble bruised
I feel pride in the me I used to be

Mourn the passing of your old chosen
And welcome the fighting moment
Trample along to your own song
Weakness is the strength to carry you on

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back to the roots...

via all the mountains
via Earth Age
via Earth Age
via all the mountains
via moon to moon
Space ships flying back
Robe and slipper fleece
Hold my hand
Take me into time

Memories of the same
Repeating patterns
Playing games
Drinking and jolly merry

I thought you were the sweetest
Did I even know?
What's inside your wonderings

Sing your praise
May I be patient with you
And myself
Transforming the age
Get me and feel you

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You're still the same...

Ted Noten
Federico Forlani
via all the mountains
Tom Kondrat
via relbel:art
Olivia Larrain
Caleb Charland
Man, I like your style
Last a little while
Working through still
Lists lose their appeal

Creation is the saving grace
Laced in window passing dreams
Can't know imagination
Just let it play
And master the listening yell

I am drunk in my own sea
There is only one body of water
Divided into many drifts of salt and sweet

All I want is to ride in a ship
And land at your shore
Take me under your water boat
And wave me goodbye
Just for a night

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Vincent Fournier
via iGNANT
via enjoy the silence
Jared Landberg
olivia larrain
via lovely bohemia
Away from material things
Finding them in around me
Every step right before
Mystery without surprise
Just pleasure in the known find

I was lost in your wrinkled smile
Looking up with power staring into lines
I try to wake you up

Grabbing metal and plucking at the mattress
All that is wasted is found in me
Screens reflecting numbers
Breaking glass and bending wire

I do what I can
And so it comes
I do what I can
And so it happens

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easier said than done...

via enjoythesilence
David Selsky
via all the mountains
Tim Barber
via LoveMore
Come to brunch, I said
The truth is I'm terribly lonely, he said
And I know
It's easier said than done

What do I ask of time?
How to balance the want with the receiving?
Hard working unease-
Please let the vision be.

You always said you never wanted to be my friend
I liked that till now
It's easier said than done
Take me as I am
I take you
Let us be
Pretend to know true

Sunday, December 2, 2012

An island is in the middle...

via Earth Age
via Earth Age
via rebel:art
via rebel:art
via Earth Age
Skipping storms lingering into sleepy afternoons
Fainting onto couches and collapsing in damp bliss
 Silk robe and beaming smoke

Talking fiction perspective over quiet moments
The man knew to bestow a rose
Meet upon a new
Knowing, people, and hero

This night is early but dark
Sloping shoulders reveal vulnerable touches
Spiked with curiosity open to the look

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hip Hop Soulja...

via LoveMore
via LoveMore
Nicolas Alan Cope
via Pintrest
via Vertical
via rebel:art
via rebel:art
If you wanna just get high, then just say it
It's bigger than hip hop
Get real feel the spill
And 1, 2, ready to roll
With the current of rage
Back out outside beats and move within

One thing bout music
Let it hit and chill back your brain
Dead Prez preaching bout real world
Where do you choose to arrange
Everyone is a people with ideas

Wolf cry
This shit is bigger than hip hop
Hanging with my drift
Hearing stories bout police phone calls
Fears of needled pricks stealing good intensions
She sang her song
Took down her hair
Shaved away vanity
Wondering if it brought clarity

Raw sad vent to me like your g- ma
Indian temple smoked out her voice
This is Baba crunk
Getting chic puck

90's hard
Chained and in place with proper angst
Fake records
I just stay awake
This is real hip hop

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tie you up, pull me down...

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via all the mountains
via LoveMore
Jessica Silversaga
Tim Barber
 I'm going to declare my space
Tie you up in a red twined rope
Swing you from above
Down my throat

Passing blood and pressing muscle
You slide down within
I let you sin

Tie you up and pull me down
I come back around
But you are left to go
 Fade into Earth core below

So it's been a week
And he didn't call
These walls begin to feel raw-
Just keep up with girl talk
Walk the walk
Patience can sometimes mock

Where should I go to write today?
A workaholic in the most delightful way
Taking smokes and passing memories
Delighting in the dirty of me

I found tin, and grime, and lovely wasted stains
I have fallen into the City's lonesome cry
And everything bursts tugging at me
I can make so many things.

I connect forgotten worn
I paint
And bend
And fire

I broke glass yesterday
Turned a light bulb into shatter
Plastered it onto canvas
And planted egg cartoon fertile

Have you ever noticed everything that surrounds us 
Tell us of us?

I have changed
I believe in blind vision
The backs of my eyes seek even more new

Everything that surrounds me
Tells me of me
I'm just learning to listen
And respond faithfully