Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We're not the same...

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Alexa Eisner
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I always feel fine

I'd choose struggle if it meant security
Intent to live in my dream
Sweeping steps into theirs
Raffle off home land

Tell everyone we're not the same
And it will come back again
Into forgotten spaces
Drinking dark sweetness

I don't always want to bother with light
I can see just fine
I'm looking in your eyes tonight

Sunday, May 12, 2013

feetless feet...

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Is there a poem inside of me today?
Tin roofs and perfect decay-
Hand made mindset--

Desires wish forward falling
Moments flurry into passing time
Hummers sing steps into golden flight

The simple is my chic
The me is the product
This is where I am

Follow memories and let them tempt you
Fearing the perfection of the moment
Discomfort in the peace

Feetless feet feel for root
Dark breath below the waist
I drink deep