Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't worry...

Dear Winter storm,
Your flurry found me
Wrapped in fresh white
Frost bite
Content to watch

Don't worry
I don't want anymore than you

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rise with the Sun...

New day rising-
After disaster it comes again
To begin
Dance within 

Melted snow
Clear streets
Move these feet

Friday, January 27, 2012


I hope it comes together for me too
Accidentally, perfectly,

I hope I don't get hurt like I hurt you
Honestly, with dishonesty,

I hope trusting these passing feelings is what
I'm meant to do

I'm struggling to find my belief too
The life you say, that wears us down
Where is the candy crown?

Feel what I don't want to feel
Just to know I'm moving-
Always, anticipating, the next step-
Away from here--
What is near?

Every time I look back
I see
And appreciate where it led me
But in the mist of this falling flood
I can't wait to breathe above

Crash this paper plane into the horizon
Tangled and mangled
Forcing myself into the fall

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


When you look closely,
We all speak in poetry- 

You're a poet,
You just don't know it- 

Walk this way
Breathe into my heart
I'm washing away yesterday
Be close to me
This can be
Just for a moment-
A melody

Monday, January 23, 2012


Take what you need
We all need too
But this split
Has me in two

Cards and candles worn me away
I keep finding myself wishing for play

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Marvelous moves me
Marvelous moved mountains
Marvelous wonders and shakes souls
Art is an act of marvelous

You can make the rules as you go
Feel the color flow
Choose the movement
Let it out
Then cover and release
Because when I ask it
There is no answer
But it's for you to choose
There is no limit to right
The gift is to let us all drift
Into our own marble of marvelous
Finding what's inside you

There is no movment
Beyond what you need
But I push myself to find what needs to breathe
I move because I do
Headstands push my blood
Into fears
Set your vision
And ask what you are seeing
200 feet in front of me
The rest will come to be
Move with marvelous
And marvelous will move you too
Marvelous is the love you find
In the small dreams outside of mind
Last night you looked my way
And it was marvelous-
My lips touched yours
And your tongue wet me

Life is marvelous
Touch is freedom
Time to roll with the roll

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today, what a day
Today I filled my day
Dreams met daylight
And came to fruition
Fulfilled and thrilled

I was told I was ready
To dance for crowds
Moving for stars
Pouring heart into sweat
This song carried my body when I let go
And now it is mine to give back
To share the story
That nearly took me over
A transition into a new time
 Where the waters are full once again

I called you, my friend
After much time had passed
This whim from within acted out fast
Today your birthday
And just yesterday you mentioned me
Serendipity is meant to be
Us, such an unlikely match
It's simply destiny
You have always grounded roots to my tree

And then I met the past
As it was back when
Before the 100 years begin

My today held my past
My today called to then
Confusion creates my creation
And yet I have to bare it all
Is this the gift of the fall?

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Positive Cost of Being Lost...

The lie of how we told it
Running in circles
We don’t care

My mouth on the table
Opened up
Filling with words
Sights spun this tongue

Seductive colors
Suck me deep

I don’t remember when I don’t want to
I can know you when I need to
Don’t trust these eyes
They penetrate without offering hope

I want to win. Myself. And him.

Moving on to home
I’ll be back for me
Searching the lost land
For something new

You evolved, she said.
Which way do you want to find?
It’s not what you deserve
Change is the cost of misery
It can never not be

Falling under the spell
Looking lost
And saying yes
This doorway
Helps me let go
Just thought you should know
This is the morning tide
Taking my heart for a ride

Would it be wrong to disappoint you now?
You’ve never been told there is
A different way 

How many people believe their mind?
And how many people are blind?
Just remember to be kind.

Friday, January 6, 2012


If we can remember that whatever it is 
we think we believe is just for now, 
then life becomes, once again,
the adventure that it's meant to be.
Finally open my arms wide
Finally I let you inside
Finally made it past the end
To finally begin
I'll be looking so far past the flashing lights
The hours we keep, the days we save
They add up to years, now face to face

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bay Day...

This space fills me with space
It is a safe place
Where you can soften
And your shoulders can fall
Into your smile

Say hi
And listen

People here are nice-
They are wise and warm
And I don't have to think twice-
I can trust

Happy New Year, he said
You felt that shutter in me as you walked by
And you made it ok 

Thank you day in the bay
Thank you red haired freckles
Your sweet words stung my eyes
Allowing tears to cry