Saturday, May 7, 2016

Waiting games...

deskriptiv on Behance
Alexa Eisner
Huffington Post
Roe Ethridge
I've found my mountain
Still in fullness
Cut open streaming veins
Flowing breath from heavens
Holding valleys in cupped hands

I stood on my own
I pulled myself by the hair
I twisted into knots and danced
I found grace

There is no quest
no hope
no need

Something sang into my throat
Speaking in harmonious scream

Grow up
Take care of yourself
Lead in with confidence

I want you more than I need you
Are you coming back?
I keep waiting
Even after I left--

This is the time of letting go
Unlike all those beside you
You are not supposed to know

Who am I?
Who am I with you?
Who am I without you?
What are you to me?
What would you like to be?

I am stronger
You are more aware
We remembered together