Friday, June 29, 2012

Our weakness is the same...

Take a drink and release blame
Tip your glass to the stars and glimmer
Blame no one

You were the first star I saw
And yet you were not a star
But just sat a little far
Until you waited for one more shooting

Clumsy time
Has evaborated
Decided it's time to climb
Out and down from the tree house

Where will the vine direct my blood?
Which way will the wind tell my direction?
 Every time I think the city awaits me
I find mindless comfort in the pool of diving unknown

Let your self be happy now.
If not now, when?
Because time keeps running

I will remember those days
The ones you long to forget
When the right was wrong
When you pulled me into a strange
A gift swinging from above and breaking my soles
Wore me down.

And then made it so easy.
Soothing me. 


Blood flow streaming down my sides
Screaming from the inside
Thunder roaring in sounds of electric outlines
Shaking you to rise
Setting up butterfly skies
Picking up bottle caps and shells to wear as masks
No one asking what comes next

Leaning left and falling right
Packing up trash cans of life
Curb side free for all
twenty six years tipped to the other side
Always hoping for a ride
But learning to stand in pride
Bare me naked
And see the difference
 I believe you helped to heal this
You are me
There was one, two, and three.
Just let it all be.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Day...

 The longest day of the year
When daylight swallows night
Full life and celebration
I began with a full moon foundation

Tipped to the other side
Ready to move in stride
Choosing the flow
Controlling where to let go

Thankful for being here
And for all that is dear
Happy birthday to me
Cheers to life and feeling free!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How fast is slow?...

 Raise your voice
In repeating patterns
Of plans, life plans
Of to do's and news

How fast is slow?
Is this is the right time to go?
How will I know-
That I can
Until I do

And then you will look at me
Thinking you were right
But I refuse to let that fight ignite
It's been a long time
You don't know me at all

Yes, that was nice.
Great letter.
Good pictures.
All is well.
You just have to let go. 

If I accept the way that it be
Does that mean you have lost knowing me?

You don't listen to my running complaints
Remember when that was romantic?
To know what lurked within me
All the days that you cannot bare
It's when I begin to stare
I have to go.

Today is too much
Monotony on repeat
I move too slow
I am tired
For awhile
But it will get done

I can do it.
I always pretend for you.
I feel the need to.
But I don't have to be happy. 

My stomach shakes
Making plans
Of attack

Remember when you can just be you?
I only want to listen to me
And pursue what learning I have to do
Someday smile
We walked for awhile

I think of you, but I can't call
And it's not who you think you are
Stop this guessing game
I'm sorry for the story
It's been awhile
Since I've seen you smile
I gamble my way
And it works
Up to this day

Gamble away my time
In a year or two
Things have taken me back
Nothing wasted all together planned
Reaching to old times
It's been a long time
Life will listen
It does even when I cover my ears

How fast is slow?
We will never know.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Talk in talk...

 I don't talk in talk
I like to watch the way I move
Whispers jump from inside
In a language of misunderstanding
In a tone of growls and tears
I cannot talk in talk
Watch the way I walk

Silent voices in my head
Telling me the time to say
But words fail from making beats
Choked and swallowed into the hallow
I prefer to let sound move me

You? You hear music and it pours out of you.
Me? I take it in. Keep it there.

There is plenty held within me
Though when I move my body it feels free
But it's just a little trick you see