Saturday, December 31, 2011

In my rhythm...

~Happy 2012~
Welcome home San Francisco
I thought I lost you
Home is home.
Where it feels like home
Where the houses are colorful and the
Streets are bright

Toast to a new year
And the close of change
Only to welcome more

Returning back to you
You have been waiting
And me too

These streets hold my people
This is where I belong.

Green sunlight is warm
I can see differently
So quickly

Just because it used to be
It will still grow along side me

A toast to myself and the year past
But mostly to the adventures moving fast-

A look beyond from the last
I have learned to know
And feel where my roots have chosen to grow

To a new year
Of new
Really just a rearrange-
I am coming back
And I might look back
But I do not need to fear
My heart will steer

Friday, December 30, 2011

ice storms...

 Winter's heat
Biting ice storms
Gloom of the past
No burning back

Forward step
Turning wheels
And here we go

Welcome home.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Growing into young...

Sit tight. Time flies.

You enjoy simplicity
In good company with a good drink
Roaming in nature
Space to be

But you are nothing short of great

Focused on the path ahead
You wander
With an outline
A mere plan

Always do your best
Life will take care
Of the rest

Growing up with you I thought you knew
Everything true
There to care
And always right

But you watched me grow
Offered me distance
To be
A little free
And pinched me
When I needed to see

Lessons learned
Life turns

Now I come to you
As my own person too-
And I see what you see for me
And I know what you hope for me
And I feel your support
     Next to me   

You built this family
With sweat and love
No one can ask for more
No one could need more

You offered me what I didn’t know I needed
What I only hoped to ever have
My mind is open because of the way you loved me

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anchor me...

In the parting of our ways
I miss you
Night calls
Reciting the day 

Hold me
Let me smile at you

Let us go about the day
Let us play
In rain
And watch the animals and babies

Where did you come from?
Will we stay?
Traveling for a time
Just to look back

Stranger, dear,
I've found my anchor in you

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This story repeats from the beginning...

Home is a place for rest
For finding where you are
Which has left
Repeating back to the beginning
Finding your child

And asking where you have gone?
Everyone I have known
I lose track what they say
I am walking away

I think I know you
But when I ask how you know me
I realize how little
I am
And what few thoughts
I know
 I am mute 

Watch me drive these streets
Watch me
And take it in
And know this is what I am 

I feel the ground
In its sandy burn
Finding Mother nature
Take me along on this journey

You want for me what you don't want for me
And I know that
And I'm ok
And so are you
And I love you

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Writing words please come to me
Please express with sincerity
Please share what I don't see yet
Repeating sounds whirl me into word winds
write write write write
And write

Nothing but empty...

Nothing to say today
Empty inside
But full of thoughts that hide

Yesterday the whirlwind of panic
And happy
Every time
Just like the last
Oh you
Oh us
Oh my
Oh these games

Of beliefs, of right, of timing, of light
Of it all that is just one
Little big moment
In this time we think passes
Us by

Oh my

Today is just going to pass
Let it
Let us
Fall in and wrap up in it
In nothing but emptiness
Of this day

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the ship...

Family tree
Texture like sun
Lay me down

Searching for bones from the past
Two distant lands
Soul memories of how it used to be
Still between us

Look to the moon and fly to her
Luna, he calls her
Always glowing silently in the night
She smiles reflecting his light

Forever forward facing
She never turns her back
Just from this past
That never was
See me within

Monday, December 12, 2011

Bowing your name...

Maybe we move together in sleep
That's where you come back to me
Again, and again

Not to stay but only to hold me
I can feel myself curve around you
Know that feel closely 

I dream of you on treetops
Bowing down to the Gods
When will this stop?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

low tide...

How low is your lowest tide?
You make me want to hide
From these memories
A past that vanished
Still see through like glass

Today is your day
And I'm far away
Today is your day 

How low is your lowest tide?
Are you going to sink or swim?
Are you going to make this a win?
I move in silence

Throwing dice
Into this future
No one need be around
I am ready to step
On two feet
How did I ever need so badly?
Why don't I want anyone?
I like playing solo
And still I miss you

Today is your day

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No ethics...

 I don't believe in morals
If they follow rules
I move by this voice
It guides my right
And that is the only moral way to be-

These words flow like waves crash in the sea
Beating battles forever
I see myself unravel
Crashing into one

Wrong is the way to right
Through difference we see the light
This contrast leads me to new
I appreciate solitude

Monday, December 5, 2011


Look Out
And Go Under
(Jared Landberg)
Take a moment to ask-
How do I feel?
As I do this
thing, chore, task 
Is it a bore? Do I need more?

Before the levee breaks
And you fall into the cracks
Asphalt stacks will bury you deep
Pounding patterns of fear

Before you forget why, try-
Feel into remembering


Take time and grab it
Peel it from the clock
Place it inside
The hours move in your mind
There is no need to rewind
Everything happens here
You are always near
Be clear and re-steer