Saturday, March 30, 2013


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Chris Round
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via Ms Lady Day
Jonathan Latiano
Sat in meditation today
Feet falling asleep
Telling myself jokes
Making fun of funny fears
Looking to interiors

Said it's gonna rain today
But the clouds ran far away
And the sun decided to stay

Quiet explosion
Inner commotion
Posed chaos
Lifted gravitational toss

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Naked swim...

Hong Yi
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Mark Chadwick
In the pools we sat naked deep
Near close to a dark weep
Heavy chest made of an iron vest
I hammered open heavy into salt waves
Burned to melt and frozen solid
Taking apart fiber to sew muscles together

Sea glass frosty clear
Back seat riding rear
We talked out fear

 Tell me what I want to know
Where does the road map go
Flying into constellations universes wide
We sat laughing watching the changing tide

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wood beam...

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Made a paper crane of pain
Set fire to the wing
Let my heart sing
To the smoking ghost
I made one last toast

The sage was shed on me
Releasing into laugher free
This is the moment for us to be

Enthusiasm of change
The plates rearrange
Broken metal bone
Wood beam stroked my soul

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ritual union...

Christian ├ůslund
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Basquiat Studio
Jake Chessum
Ritual union we meet again
I need spirit to hold my hand
Hard to remember this is just pretend

Can't think like them-
Can't pretend to love the talk or walk-
Locked in habits of my favorite things
Days pass like circling rings

Ritual union we meet again
I need faith to guide my hand
Hard to take this sincere stand

Can't see the feeling evading me-
Can't motivate vision to create-
Locked in low dollars and high dreams
Days pass wondering when grace finds pace 

So I said, "This is where I am."
And then ritual union filled me again

Sightings unplanned into path
Ritual union
You come back again to help me stand

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Only know when you let it go...

De La Warr Pavilion Installation
Lauren Davison
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Institute Magazine 
Riding high for the low
See the pace when you're sick in the face
Looking straight into diving deep
Magic flies in sight

Had a man stare at my growing potential
Starfish earrings and a future he declared for me
Had a written past fall in my path
Someone asking God to let it go
I became a witness to the writing wind
Falling in love with passing sun
And weeping leaves

Ran home and opened a letter
Poem to me
Said to remember to be
Ignore the nightmares and other stares
Even the part of you that doesn't dare

Dreams go slow
But it happens fast
Only know when you let it go

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sick of swimming...

Andy Ralph
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I took that different train home
Just so I could stop by the hardware store
Rested my head hard against glass
Listened to the slowest songs I knew

Fell into slumber as people passed in and out
Found my way outside and collapsed on the grass
I imagined what it might feel like to faint
Then I lifted my throbbing feet
And took to the street

Hardware store closed
All appointments booked
Back to bed

I wore my health like a banner of pride
And now I can't breathe
In my home there is something inside the air

Took a shower
This is the restart button
I swore I began anew
It all began now

Please come back

And off into Twilight I walked
Asking questions that search for answers
To take sight of the Church
And find my favorite ally light

This is your home now.
This is where you are.
Again anew