Thursday, September 29, 2011

marvel in marvelous...

Boom Boom Boom...

Grab your things
Go and take me home
Crystal caverns your colors shine into me
Surrounding my space, mixing and matching
You cleanse and color

Paint me over
Rainbow me Ruby

And let it flow
Pouring passion
(from Paris to Syracuse)
(my obsession w/ 4am, Paris)
   Give me everything tonight
Dancing solo
Eyes peeled the light will burn
Hold on and move
Right and left
Hip that hip and let go

Feel tonight's night
Take on the attitude
Night rider

For all we know we might not get tomorrow--

A very long engagement...

Last night you, yes you.
Entered my dreams.
I have set you aside for some time-
How funny how those dreams swirl 
into my thinking mind
 This time not waking to satisfaction-
rather deep

I was behind. Everything.
And I lost you, for

I don't know what to do with you
I'm ok
But then you cross my mind
And I cross my fingers
Looking up and then down
Back and forth
Riding the waves of unknown

For without certainty I will be
As we all must
But I forgot how I felt sad
I forgot how each morning challenged me to find the thanks
The harmony where the peace will flow

She said I wish you were somewhere else.
I wish you had a chance to let it go.
I said, it's ok here.
I'm happy here.

On a quest I ride the rocking boat.
Not looking for anything in particular
Just looking for adventure-
But I have to make it here.
I make it wherever I am.

Quite a long engagement, you and I.
Quite a long time, you and I.
Quite a story, you and I.
Quite us.
We are quite us.
I miss our us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Invitation to Quiet...

(Daughters of Simone dress)
Slow down silly girl.
Take your time-
do not wound your pride
Breathe your movement
for you will blind yourself if you
focus too hard

Your job is to feel good.
Keep your mind still and vibrate--
Let it be. It will be.
You know this is not it.
You know this is not, it.
You know, this is not
will come...

Take the invitation to fall into
Fall-ing leaves
Dance along with her Earth beat
It's is a time to rest
Delve into deep-
those pure thoughts
thick like maple syrup
sticky and seductive dripping
slow amber

Monday, September 26, 2011

The sun...

Here it comes
the sun
Raise your head
look at see--

hit & run
 Kaleidoscope of color
Triangle angles
Scream for miles
I dreamt last night-
Here it comes
I wait for it
Here it comes
some day I'll find it
Here it comes
Patterns continue
Shapes form a new


Friday, September 23, 2011

Through the looking glass...

I'll take the camera
Peer back at you
Look at what I can do-
Play too
This is it, he said.
This is it.
No, she said.
Sometimes you just got what you got.
Go for it.
Just do it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moon shadows...

Don't want to lose ya-
In the darkness comes another

Hold my hand
Let me breathe in your arms
I will relax
Hold me

Who will explore this way-
With me

Find me painted in the stars
Orion's belt
Points to my cheek

Come be with me.
Just for now.
Just now.

Don't want to lose ya...
I never knew ya...
See like me
Feel like me
Watch me
See you
Feel you

Messy Morning...

Embrace your crazy.
Fluttering mind
Rewaking alarm clock-
Ringing again and again and again
And again-
This time I will rise--

Quick to grab and mark
Work away to beat the sun
Knowing it will rise
You won't fall

Crazy mind. Thoughts of this
and that.
From one to the next.
Work busy bee
Get on track

It's ok. To let it go-
Watch how it controls
With satisfying checks
off of lists-
The day to day build up under
Breathe into your crazy.
fuck it

I'm off to New York

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Street Beat...

Have you ever wondered the streets moving
freely about-
dancing in your flow letting it go? 
Sometimes this is quite satisfying,
but at other times you may feel
guilty. Or too vulnerable-
Maybe it invites the gaze of others. 
But to see someone breathe and follow their inclination is a gift- Maybe people notice because it is an act of following
one’s own path.
It is a surrender to the fluidity of their being.
And maybe that’s what we all want.
Just to allow us all to be as we want to be.
I say dance in the streets.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Halo of light...

 Hold yourself.
Never let go.
And then do-

Everything is alright, now and always, and forever-
And ever
I have everything I need now.

I felt that last night.
In your arms.
Where I seem to hold tight.

In the dark I'm free to go-
Though I prefer the sun
I stare into you while the moon circles my heart
It's fullness pinches the thud of my pulse
Learning to let go
Think I can see it now-
Well nevermind
Everything changes like the flip--
of a nickel.
It's shiny, appealing, deceiving-
How will I feel come morning?
I don't know-
But I think I can see it now.
All we have is NOW

Juggle books
Where ideas mesh as they sit inside
Waiting for their long drives into wandering paths
Ice cream fields
Will you come back--
Let the smoke rise.
Breathe into the cloud of beauty
With perfume sweat.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cultivate Compassion...

Look up. Out the window to light.
Feel the strength of the ages.
Transform to grace.

Your seed of compassion sits inside.
What conditions water your being?
Feel the cool rush-
And freedom

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh Breath...

(my photo, France open air market)
(my photo, upstate NY)
(my photo, Paris Flea)
(my photo, next to my home)
Happy and content
Alone in the parade
Feeling the inspiration sneak in and invade-

Playing with letters and signs and things
Wandering the streets bending my knees
Top hat baller with you I feel taller

Smiling before I know what to do
Shy and uncurled
I think of you