Wednesday, December 18, 2013

why are you waiting?...

Alexa Eisner
Alexa Eisner
Alexa Eisner
Been taking swinging steps
Music moving bones to wave
Lighter eyes
Lifted cheeks

Close my eyes to rethink
I fall asleep

Don't have to call me
I turned my phone off

I'm alright.

So lay your cards out
You keep coming back
Maybe it doesn't have to become

I used to write letters
Untold shares
Box filled with daily confessions

The times had changed

Take my photo
Live in this ghost
We need someone to make the bread
Daily rituals that keep you alive

Beat and pulse

Monday, December 16, 2013

cool warmth...

Kyle Thompson
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Adessive
Bryan Olson
You don't see me
I don't know you
But in passing moments your arms tell me stories
Soothing tense breathe
Stroked hair subtle peace

Don't speak to me
I will wonder instead
Why I chose a passing moment with you-

Desirous nature of cold nights
I am immune to the idea of care
I lost what is is to give-

And yet something in you asks me to remember
It isn't for you
It may not be for me
But we fill each other

So aware of a past
Yours didn't last
Unknown family ties
The river runs until it dies
Jumping off sea cliffs
I am adrift
Swan dive into paradise

One day.
I think I might be ok.
I think I might want this.
I think I may try.
I think it's time to stop asking why.