Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Alexa Eisner
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Chris Forsyth
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Looking toward becoming
Waves of you speak to me in past dreams
I dove in cool pools
Slipping down deep granite walls
Released breath floating to the surface
Dark and refreshing sound of silence

Nowadays I've let go
Nowadays I think of you in the morning
Nowadays I say hello to the guilt
Guilty of desire

Sleeping in shapes up against you
Some part of me reaching toward some part of you
You told me to rest

You used to pick me up
You used to stop to look at the view
You used to listen with a smile

Nowadays I let go
Nowadays I say hello
Nowadays I don't know

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Scott Beseler
This morning I woke to cravings
To hear the wind whisper decisions

I asked for pen and paper
But left my journal behind

I woke to you-
Imagined things I want to do--

Tarot spoke of battles and death
So I sat and listened to my breath

Bob Dylan rooted my heart
Another day, another start