Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice...

Andrea Torres Balaguer
via Pinterest
Adi Dekel
Winter solstice
Day dark spilling into deep night

An offering of stillness
I'm asking if you can hear this

Teach me to sit in your quiet
Take me to your land of kaleidoscope dreams
And with a silent caress whisper me to rest

Today marks a point of no return-
Tomorrow darkness moves toward light--
Our eyes offered more in sight

 With a new moon
In a lustful swoon
Yet another year

I am here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Maurizio Anzeri
Jason Olav Benjamin Havneraas
Arvida Byström
Yusuke Asai
via natureofthetide.tumblr
 Energy waves caffeine and alcohol streams
Filling highs or soothing lows
His habit. Her fun. Destruction.

People dancing drum beat blood streams
"Are you shaking out your demons?"
Sweating sweet in silent ritual
Circle of confessed miracle

Daily diversity here to preach
Character masks within reach
Desert. Ocean. Ghetto.

Vortex of observation
Texture never radiated light before
Halo round your pain
Create a story refrain

I speak to you but tell myself
I look to you as if you can help
I want you to wrap me into a wave
Ask me what I crave