Saturday, March 28, 2015

Identity needs cease...

Dan Abramson
Martin Valentin Fuchs
Kate Peters
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Yves Klein
Alexa Eisner
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Right steps twist in your limbs
This fleeting whim weaves a whistle trail
Giving all the reach I span
Letting go of any plan

I walk this city up and down
Asking sun to light my eyes
Praying the Universe is wise

Unknown destiny signals release
Identity needs cease
I took the pictures down
The fabric has fallen
Corners open and visible
New needs
Humbled to my knees
The faint calling

How am I meant to give?

Don't know the right place
Simply exploring this space

Past photographic capture
Exposing new details of the journey
Why such a Hurry?

Relaxing with rose oil
He handed me the gift in perfect time
The opportunities call
I'm giving now my all

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Kimberly Pratt
Anwen Keeling
Fredrik Broden
Alexa Eisner
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Fredrik Broden
Alexa Eisner
Hard drive deep dive
Layer screens between
Motionless swirling sound
Another merry-go-round

Let me learn you
Let me know you
Let me calm you

This is just a body
Pulling from magnetic force
Mind over matter
Sick of all this chatter

Let me touch you.
Let me touch you.
Let me calm you.