Friday, February 6, 2015

All we ever need is energy...

Alan Dindo
Sarah Maloney
via modernhepburn.tumblr
via artmommie.blogspot
via flickr
Resting on treehouse beams
San Francisco waking from deep dreams
Roaring light over hillside
Seagulls swirl to new height

Steam sings to heated skin
The precarious nature of delightful whim
You, in your way, getting ready for the day

I have to go.
Tell me everything.

Will we share the same stories-
Without new words to say--
Will I be able to stay?

We projected that film onto the blank wall
A desperate plot for eager escape
Tools found in dusty storage of history
Is there room for me?

A countdown from 10 over two year span
Without knowing future plan  
Can't hide the pound of my beat
 Singing sweet vulnerability

Lifted hugs and hanging toes
Carry me into thankful praise

Marching Main Street
Climbing ivy staircase
Ferry floating with the sea
All we ever need is energy