Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hip Hop Soulja...

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Nicolas Alan Cope
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If you wanna just get high, then just say it
It's bigger than hip hop
Get real feel the spill
And 1, 2, ready to roll
With the current of rage
Back out outside beats and move within

One thing bout music
Let it hit and chill back your brain
Dead Prez preaching bout real world
Where do you choose to arrange
Everyone is a people with ideas

Wolf cry
This shit is bigger than hip hop
Hanging with my drift
Hearing stories bout police phone calls
Fears of needled pricks stealing good intensions
She sang her song
Took down her hair
Shaved away vanity
Wondering if it brought clarity

Raw sad vent to me like your g- ma
Indian temple smoked out her voice
This is Baba crunk
Getting chic puck

90's hard
Chained and in place with proper angst
Fake records
I just stay awake
This is real hip hop

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tie you up, pull me down...

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Jessica Silversaga
Tim Barber
 I'm going to declare my space
Tie you up in a red twined rope
Swing you from above
Down my throat

Passing blood and pressing muscle
You slide down within
I let you sin

Tie you up and pull me down
I come back around
But you are left to go
 Fade into Earth core below

So it's been a week
And he didn't call
These walls begin to feel raw-
Just keep up with girl talk
Walk the walk
Patience can sometimes mock

Where should I go to write today?
A workaholic in the most delightful way
Taking smokes and passing memories
Delighting in the dirty of me

I found tin, and grime, and lovely wasted stains
I have fallen into the City's lonesome cry
And everything bursts tugging at me
I can make so many things.

I connect forgotten worn
I paint
And bend
And fire

I broke glass yesterday
Turned a light bulb into shatter
Plastered it onto canvas
And planted egg cartoon fertile

Have you ever noticed everything that surrounds us 
Tell us of us?

I have changed
I believe in blind vision
The backs of my eyes seek even more new

Everything that surrounds me
Tells me of me
I'm just learning to listen
And respond faithfully

Monday, November 26, 2012

Morning clear...

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Every morning is an eraser from the night before
Must have had good dreams
Must have found rest
Must feel the calm and carry it through

There is open time to explore
There are so many things to do
Yesterday her reflection took her back-

Chain wallet luck
Asian Ghetto Ramen
Tightrope walking parks
And sharing benches with strangers

Her old joint burned down
The grocery tagged with names
The young girls hinted toward new new
But I thought you were just 22

Urban bus rides
And passing homes
Couldn't have been a better day
Ready to rewrite it all anyway

Friday, November 23, 2012

Tied to a night they never met...

Arnold Cope
creatures of comfort screenshot
Lauren Davison
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Odi Tychkowsky
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Living the beat
Tambourins and baseballs
Throwing tunes and homeruns
Crawled into laughter and sat

Where now do you know?
I thought you were the sweetest killer-
Did you even notice I let you go?

Sitting outside to feel inside
Held my hand
Touched soapy bathtub suds
Found night gowns in olden times

Because you said no
I thought you were the sweetest
All the time making things right

Thinking bout life
You looked different the other night
Validating sudden insight

Want to sit with me?
Met upon a coffee-
Bench beside my sight--

Was it just pretend?
And when we were too young-
Just for show--
So now you just sweetly go?

Painting from a warehouse of found faded
Someone else made my garden dream
I rewind and un-right nursery rhymes
Faded in the backyard playground

Don't notice me turn away
Let me let you break me
Wrestling color and words
Canvas stars stare back at me
Singing this is the sweetest kill

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Classical Music...

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Classical in the classic of a moment
Weather vane draw
Pulling a new straw

The Universe asking to receive change
The folded unfolded and a smile emerge
This is the circular curve
A new wave of hellos

Everything shines in rain fall
Yellow mark on brick white sleek
That firehouse bright as ghostly sun

He and I said fuck it and ran to the street middle
Danced while the man jumped to his car
He held his key tight
We cheered for the cheer
And listened to the pebble fall

There are parrots that live a top my hill.
They are green with red beaks.
My room is yellow.
The bathroom is green.
And the yard lives in past figurines.

I live in the San Francisco dream.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pa Pa Power...

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Watch the telling of your story
Each chapter a never seeking adventure
Pa Pa Power
Flower shower
San Francisco songs

We won't destroy you
Said the old woman from inside the tree
A wandering of my own
Long gray hair
In pond and fairy play

A past life that left to be
"Do I have to give anything up"
"No, but you can't be afraid"
You can ask for anything

Rain. Smooth rain.
And quiet. I ask for quiet.
I am a succulent wild woman

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time & Choice...

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triple mike
 Sleeping to kill time
Tired worried mind
On the road
Such a long time gone
Hearing your sweet song

Dreaming of older times
Believing in nursery rhymes
Fear taken hold of charriot reins
Beating the lion roar
Time will hold back change
And I won't play that game

Can't see what's coming
The high and low of now
And yet I have no choice
I risk the risk

The solid choice to make a choice
All so I won't look back
And wonder
Giving myself permission to try
Taking a wild ride
I'm sure doubt will thrive
But the lion walks silently
And can only live to live this walk

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The adventured journey...

Nina Papiorek
via rebel:art
Horst Kiechle
From a forest grove
The story is not left untold
Breaking ground
The Devil's work is in her hands
Changing glass bounds with bare fists
Root of rejoicing history
Curving cement in matching patterns
Lit window and chandelier shadow
Warming gratitude for choosing
The difficult choice
And letting the world know the story
Why not express inner glory?
The City sleeps during her wide eyes
She can be comfortable here

She looked at the cardboard box
The forgotten untold
Eye contact that brought her back intact
The magic of Parisian air
Sweet fresh aroma
And the adventured journey