Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Green sofa...

I sat on a green sofa.
Drifting in and out of you.

I only heard the clicking of my heels
Pricing black pinching my toes

I only noticed that which was in front of me-
What to do?

I hear that song on repeat and I wonder if the melody will evade me-

Does evaporated air melt back to liquid?
Will the clouds pour over me drops of silver sweetness-
Struck by lightening and drenched
Into release of surrender

Will I find you in despair-
As I move into the clear stillness of the lake.

Stitching yarn in and out of heart beats
Your name weaves into me

I can see for 

Thank you. 
Thank you.
Thank you.

Feel my beat and know that it hums
And smiles.
I'm tired of tears

Life is to enjoy.

(my photo, Paris)
(my photo, Paris)
When I hear that knock on the door I can't catch my breath.

you + then + when + love + making + me + her + cycles + him + all + circles + smoke + music + time + them + and them + song + eyes + hands + fusion + heart + beats + trees + fission + eternity + stories + energy + ache + release + blessing + love + love + love...

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