Sunday, August 5, 2012

Offered Pulse...

 Let's just stay here
As the wind tunnel travels above ground
Following clouds to Oz
I play centuries past

Let's just stay here
Tearing claw digging below
Where nothing rests
The swiftness of moving clocks
The breeze of childhood

Let's just stay here
I miss your tender
Roughed hands meeting soft silence
I won't find you here.

Let's just stay here
And pretend there is a here to stay
To meet half way
In the dark I start to talk
Questions, questions, questions..

Can we just stay here?
Drive me back to the pulse of heavy moments
Walking in the moisture of dull colors
Let's just stay here

We don't know what parts are saved
We don't know what it means to run away
Where are you?

Let's just stay here.

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