Monday, December 16, 2013

cool warmth...

Kyle Thompson
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Adessive
Bryan Olson
You don't see me
I don't know you
But in passing moments your arms tell me stories
Soothing tense breathe
Stroked hair subtle peace

Don't speak to me
I will wonder instead
Why I chose a passing moment with you-

Desirous nature of cold nights
I am immune to the idea of care
I lost what is is to give-

And yet something in you asks me to remember
It isn't for you
It may not be for me
But we fill each other

So aware of a past
Yours didn't last
Unknown family ties
The river runs until it dies
Jumping off sea cliffs
I am adrift
Swan dive into paradise

One day.
I think I might be ok.
I think I might want this.
I think I may try.
I think it's time to stop asking why.

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