Saturday, December 24, 2011

Growing into young...

Sit tight. Time flies.

You enjoy simplicity
In good company with a good drink
Roaming in nature
Space to be

But you are nothing short of great

Focused on the path ahead
You wander
With an outline
A mere plan

Always do your best
Life will take care
Of the rest

Growing up with you I thought you knew
Everything true
There to care
And always right

But you watched me grow
Offered me distance
To be
A little free
And pinched me
When I needed to see

Lessons learned
Life turns

Now I come to you
As my own person too-
And I see what you see for me
And I know what you hope for me
And I feel your support
     Next to me   

You built this family
With sweat and love
No one can ask for more
No one could need more

You offered me what I didn’t know I needed
What I only hoped to ever have
My mind is open because of the way you loved me

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