Saturday, December 31, 2011

In my rhythm...

~Happy 2012~
Welcome home San Francisco
I thought I lost you
Home is home.
Where it feels like home
Where the houses are colorful and the
Streets are bright

Toast to a new year
And the close of change
Only to welcome more

Returning back to you
You have been waiting
And me too

These streets hold my people
This is where I belong.

Green sunlight is warm
I can see differently
So quickly

Just because it used to be
It will still grow along side me

A toast to myself and the year past
But mostly to the adventures moving fast-

A look beyond from the last
I have learned to know
And feel where my roots have chosen to grow

To a new year
Of new
Really just a rearrange-
I am coming back
And I might look back
But I do not need to fear
My heart will steer

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