Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tie you up, pull me down...

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via all the mountains
via LoveMore
Jessica Silversaga
Tim Barber
 I'm going to declare my space
Tie you up in a red twined rope
Swing you from above
Down my throat

Passing blood and pressing muscle
You slide down within
I let you sin

Tie you up and pull me down
I come back around
But you are left to go
 Fade into Earth core below

So it's been a week
And he didn't call
These walls begin to feel raw-
Just keep up with girl talk
Walk the walk
Patience can sometimes mock

Where should I go to write today?
A workaholic in the most delightful way
Taking smokes and passing memories
Delighting in the dirty of me

I found tin, and grime, and lovely wasted stains
I have fallen into the City's lonesome cry
And everything bursts tugging at me
I can make so many things.

I connect forgotten worn
I paint
And bend
And fire

I broke glass yesterday
Turned a light bulb into shatter
Plastered it onto canvas
And planted egg cartoon fertile

Have you ever noticed everything that surrounds us 
Tell us of us?

I have changed
I believe in blind vision
The backs of my eyes seek even more new

Everything that surrounds me
Tells me of me
I'm just learning to listen
And respond faithfully

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