Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hip Hop Soulja...

via LoveMore
via LoveMore
Nicolas Alan Cope
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via rebel:art
If you wanna just get high, then just say it
It's bigger than hip hop
Get real feel the spill
And 1, 2, ready to roll
With the current of rage
Back out outside beats and move within

One thing bout music
Let it hit and chill back your brain
Dead Prez preaching bout real world
Where do you choose to arrange
Everyone is a people with ideas

Wolf cry
This shit is bigger than hip hop
Hanging with my drift
Hearing stories bout police phone calls
Fears of needled pricks stealing good intensions
She sang her song
Took down her hair
Shaved away vanity
Wondering if it brought clarity

Raw sad vent to me like your g- ma
Indian temple smoked out her voice
This is Baba crunk
Getting chic puck

90's hard
Chained and in place with proper angst
Fake records
I just stay awake
This is real hip hop

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