Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Swimming in the sunset of the desert
I forgot these cares
which plague my mind
with dreams of finding
The right time
To begin
To end
To create
To mate
To be the adult that's me
Swimming reminds me of free
The weightless gravity in the flee
With shimmer dimmer
and sun gleam sparkle
And we held friendship inside
Smiling- this is who I am
This is what I can be
I trust in everything
The world is a game
and we swim inside till we die

China flowers.
I said, they grew at Baba's house.
China Lily's as I know them
Little white bells dipped in sweet
Like suckle that tickles tucked inside me
and flipped into wild free
China Lily's, that's what my Mama called them.
I don't know why
I don't know when
They grew at Baba's house.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone else
knows them like I do
And if you stop to notice the spray of aroma
like candy dipped in sugar grains
My favorite part of our yard was
picking China Lily's
and the way you looked at me then

Community? What will it be?
Do you look into you?
How can I take branches and connect them
to the trunk of their root?
Let's dance in circles and share stories
The one's where I don't know
And you never knew
Our differences don't forget us
We just suddenly appear
Like one of many
A unit of us
Strong metal melts into
pedals on a chain of flowers

Drink this divine.
Give in like a lush
You make me blush
Cool and hot I feel it stump and thump
inside my gut
I drink you and you taste me
And I do what I was afraid with you
You proved it too
I can't handle passion pulls of lust
I give way like I've been hit by a bus
I can't move I just fall right in
This puddle of drink
I swim in you and begin

Poetry is me. You know I am thee.
And this way is a way for this mind to be free
Word play takes me away-
This is how I start everyday
Because words only point to truth
but when you can play with them
you craft a new heaven
I find me after my mind spills
This is the deal
There I am.
See it to believe it


  1. The poems or little bits of writing after each post are absolutely beautiful. Do you write them yourself?