Thursday, February 9, 2012

She was way too young...

Cause he'd loved her from the time
she'd been the waitress at the Mexican place
where he'd left his keys
She'd been there smiling at the lost and found

Holding hands singing "Joy to the World"

She was way too young but he did not care
He was all right with cashing in
a few fine moments before his broken heart kicked in

He died a little bit each time the night came in
And the stars fell over Michigan
'Cause he'd loved her at the bar when he saw her dancing

Then he'd come over to his usual spot
Soon they were making out at 3AM in the 
empty parking lot
They lay together under the burnt out stars

She never loved him back
It wasn't even close 

But he was fine to just pretend
That it was never gonna end
And it was worth it just to know
A little warmth before the snow

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