Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out of my head...

Give me something real
Give me something real to say
I'm sick of this shit-
Reading back line over line
Of him and her-
And this and that-
I want substance
I'm looking for justice
I need moral ground
To align these steps

I want to find myself in you
No more ego to focus on
It's time to look beyond
If you don't give
What have you left behind?

To see the vision that be
I have to believe beyond me
Life is not about success
It's about making a difference

What is worse violence or silence?
What legacy do you see?
How do we connect back to the beats of soul?
 Let's get the ball to roll-

Sick of spectacle
I need substance
Give me some realness
So we can heal this

How do we hide behind our fear-
Grabbing a beer?
Running clear?
Look, it's time to steer
Sit here near

What do you worship?
Who do you wish to be?
What if others are not free?

Find a way
Because spirit will pay
That's why I'm here to stay
Think what you may
But I will love you anyway

It's time to teach empathy
Let's learn how to make equality
To turn away from treason
We need more than reason

What about the courage of compassion?
Do we teach the power of passion?
We are too afraid to say what we feel
because we are trapped in this fake deal?
It's time to get real.

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