Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleepy train strides...

I live a life full of fills
I wanna wake up where you are
Because I like to go far
I was made to travel this world wide
Experience the stride of kicking and connecting
Waking up to rivers and city lights
I'll do it all
Just once, maybe
Just because
I know this is the only life I get
And I like my current trip
I was made to live a full life
Filled with full

Off to the Big Apple to take one last sweet bite
Ready to reunite
Mirror mirror reflect to me
That which I don't know I need to see
Tastes of sweet poisons
Just to remind me how free it can be

Hanging on
Hanging high
I'm a little lost
Filled with love and willing to take a hit
Believing in the change I wish to see
I want all to travel beyond that which they need
We are meant to live a life of fullness
A life of beauty
This could be the sweetest saddest dust
I've ever seen
Turned into miracles
Racing minds charged by the sight

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