Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 flowers, 5 stones...

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via Vertical
For whatever dreams you spin
You may win
But in the end the magic was within
The building of your role
Giving into creative soul

Before you get too busy with a name
Keep time
For all you need
Is passion for making
And believing
Your life is weaving

This week
Pick 5 flowers
And find 5 stones
To look to touch to hold

I checked every flower
Perhaps one would be worthy of shelf space-
Pretty in a vase--
But caught in clay mud
Only broken bottles and crinkled wrappers

Winter's bone is bare
My skin has become fair
Throbbing see through veins
The looking caught my eye
The treasure was never the find

I sat on a stump
And wished upon two dandelions
For what I know will be
But I hoped to carry the joy of the journey

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