Thursday, February 14, 2013

life is but a movie...

Joanna Skrzypczak
Dan Voinea
via LoveMore
Stood still in the middle of town
Where can I go to get out?
Hop on the next bus hoping to find ocean waves
Fluttering eyelids over passing sunspots

A beautiful newly she sat in front of me
Her legs up on the chair
Long burned hair trailing behind the seat
We both looked left to the woman on the street
She bent over to put out her cigarette
Ash out the light and put it in her jean pocket
I wondered if we watched her the same way
If we noticed together silently
The way strangers can become a we

Pulled off to get lost
A magic shop
Glass figurines
I remember a mini duck I had as a kid
Sat on a shelf and I loved to look
An old man hurriedly picked between push pens
$2 and $2.50 tacked to cardboard

Took a walk to the park
A boy dressed in a red button up and black vest
Began to walk in front of me with his ukulele
Signing about love
Accidentally going the same way
I followed our shared direction

Until I turned to the tree grove
Then a girl called out in hand with her lover,
"Beware, it's dark in there!" 

I laughed and felt the cool
Took me back to times of pretend
Playing in fairy land

Walked for miles
Talked to the trees
Found a straw hat
Dancing outside of me
Life is but a movie

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