Monday, March 4, 2013

Sick of swimming...

Andy Ralph
via ASAP pictures
via moon to moon
via enjoythesilence
via rebel:art
I took that different train home
Just so I could stop by the hardware store
Rested my head hard against glass
Listened to the slowest songs I knew

Fell into slumber as people passed in and out
Found my way outside and collapsed on the grass
I imagined what it might feel like to faint
Then I lifted my throbbing feet
And took to the street

Hardware store closed
All appointments booked
Back to bed

I wore my health like a banner of pride
And now I can't breathe
In my home there is something inside the air

Took a shower
This is the restart button
I swore I began anew
It all began now

Please come back

And off into Twilight I walked
Asking questions that search for answers
To take sight of the Church
And find my favorite ally light

This is your home now.
This is where you are.
Again anew

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