Thursday, March 7, 2013

Only know when you let it go...

De La Warr Pavilion Installation
Lauren Davison
via LoveMore
via Moon to Moon
via LoveMore
Institute Magazine 
Riding high for the low
See the pace when you're sick in the face
Looking straight into diving deep
Magic flies in sight

Had a man stare at my growing potential
Starfish earrings and a future he declared for me
Had a written past fall in my path
Someone asking God to let it go
I became a witness to the writing wind
Falling in love with passing sun
And weeping leaves

Ran home and opened a letter
Poem to me
Said to remember to be
Ignore the nightmares and other stares
Even the part of you that doesn't dare

Dreams go slow
But it happens fast
Only know when you let it go

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