Sunday, August 11, 2013

Joni Mitchell...

Fabien Raclet
Faber Franco
Bernhard Pras
via Bohemians Banquet
via enjoy the silence
Joni has stories of love
Sips their sweet taste
Soaks up moments into melody
But she has a destiny

Had to choose her own way
For her great grandmother
Her grandmother
And all the women in her family
Who never had the chance 
Generations past
Now she is the present cast

Duty to choose the restless
Desire to move toward the bitter edge
She sat in between
Only knowing the unseen

Take away the need for urgency
There is never certainty
Letting the timing find its path
No need to concern outside of this-
Everything is an offering not to miss

Magic asks for patience
It will find the perfect occasion
So let pain cry and smiles pray
Inspiration lives in everyday

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