Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Raphaël Année
Raphaël Année
via natureofthetide.tumblr
Sara Macel
Lean into the sweetness of this passing ride
Memories swirl like smoke
Truth evaporates with every toke

Dizzy from mind control
Which thoughts to hold-
Where to let go--

What if good and bad are just the same?
It's real or not.

Dizzy awake in dreams
Falling backbend kisses the ground
Listening for new sounds
You're nowhere to be found

I still think about that attic on the hill
I still long for that hiding space
The moist leaves and sharp cold lit like gold

Dizzy break down alone
I felt grown

Blood flow pumping words
This did not come from me
This is not my voice
I have no choice

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