Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wonderings on Warhol...

Benheine Deviantart
Zhang Ding
Raphaël Année
Andy Warhol
Richard Avedon
Todd Hido
They said he had no talent for narrative
Silently he wove a new culture heritage
Turned the TV on to us
We still live in the residue of famous dust

Clouded by convenience of the unattainable dream
Repeating beauty across silk screen
Your flavor of choice
Every color for you to rejoice

A martyr risen from death
Upstaged sick politic
Last super into space
He painted his own fate

The unartist artist
Listened and spit back

Never interfering with a needle prick
Men danced as the new sidekick
Silver Factory manufactured weirdo
I'm embarrassed that Warhol is my hero

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