Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Talk to yourself...

"No one is in your head
and by the time you translate your thoughts,
some essence of them may be lost.
Or perhaps it is just kept.
Take the perspective you get from being
one person in one head
and feel the effects of it.
If you have an art that needs a practice
stop neglecting it."
Waking up to myself. From dreams with them.
Celebrations in water and journeys in cars-
We traveled together with open arms.
Though they are gone and far from here-
their heart is forever near.
In my dreams they chose to appear.
They took my hand to enter the day.
Knowing words and meaning will flow with my style-
I hold them inside and keep up my smile.
It takes time, I know.
But color and magic and books open doors.
There is nothing for me to do-
only sit with myself and breathe anew.

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