Thursday, September 29, 2011

A very long engagement...

Last night you, yes you.
Entered my dreams.
I have set you aside for some time-
How funny how those dreams swirl 
into my thinking mind
 This time not waking to satisfaction-
rather deep

I was behind. Everything.
And I lost you, for

I don't know what to do with you
I'm ok
But then you cross my mind
And I cross my fingers
Looking up and then down
Back and forth
Riding the waves of unknown

For without certainty I will be
As we all must
But I forgot how I felt sad
I forgot how each morning challenged me to find the thanks
The harmony where the peace will flow

She said I wish you were somewhere else.
I wish you had a chance to let it go.
I said, it's ok here.
I'm happy here.

On a quest I ride the rocking boat.
Not looking for anything in particular
Just looking for adventure-
But I have to make it here.
I make it wherever I am.

Quite a long engagement, you and I.
Quite a long time, you and I.
Quite a story, you and I.
Quite us.
We are quite us.
I miss our us.

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