Monday, September 19, 2011

Halo of light...

 Hold yourself.
Never let go.
And then do-

Everything is alright, now and always, and forever-
And ever
I have everything I need now.

I felt that last night.
In your arms.
Where I seem to hold tight.

In the dark I'm free to go-
Though I prefer the sun
I stare into you while the moon circles my heart
It's fullness pinches the thud of my pulse
Learning to let go
Think I can see it now-
Well nevermind
Everything changes like the flip--
of a nickel.
It's shiny, appealing, deceiving-
How will I feel come morning?
I don't know-
But I think I can see it now.
All we have is NOW

Juggle books
Where ideas mesh as they sit inside
Waiting for their long drives into wandering paths
Ice cream fields
Will you come back--
Let the smoke rise.
Breathe into the cloud of beauty
With perfume sweat.

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