Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The possibilities are endless...

As we walk through the morning
Looking uphill
Listening to the voices above
Head back to the mountains
Find yourself in the shiver of silver thin

The North star is the brightest light in the sky
But that doesn't mean it rests high
Look to your right, it's just a twinkling light
Moving in and out sight
And I think of my own flight
My heart pounds to the beat of the low glow

Soon I will rest under new city lights
And look up to the same sky
And I wonder why

I just want happiness like the rest
We each create a nest
Nestled into you I know truth

This upward climb is worth every dime
We've paid the time to find our rhyme
Your sweet is all I taste

Finding my way through
Spoken words of random thoughts
The world is ready to be vulnerable too
Did you know the heart of a blue whale
is the size of a car?
We all wish upon the North star

Before you I never knew.
And now I do.
What else will we do?

Peel me back into two
Breaking and making way
You made it through

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