Friday, June 29, 2012

Our weakness is the same...

Take a drink and release blame
Tip your glass to the stars and glimmer
Blame no one

You were the first star I saw
And yet you were not a star
But just sat a little far
Until you waited for one more shooting

Clumsy time
Has evaborated
Decided it's time to climb
Out and down from the tree house

Where will the vine direct my blood?
Which way will the wind tell my direction?
 Every time I think the city awaits me
I find mindless comfort in the pool of diving unknown

Let your self be happy now.
If not now, when?
Because time keeps running

I will remember those days
The ones you long to forget
When the right was wrong
When you pulled me into a strange
A gift swinging from above and breaking my soles
Wore me down.

And then made it so easy.
Soothing me. 

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