Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rising up. From the undertow...

1. Looking up from below the undertow
Meeting evening sun before it runs
2. There is no no to this yes
3. The statement is blessed in unknown
4. Rest in the high of the intermediate sky
And ponder your wonder
5. The cards do not light the thunder
6. Rolling mind up and down your feet take each step
This is a two way street remember what you reap
7. Dashing movement running in concrete
8. There is a rainbow light in this sleet
9. The adventure is in every unordinary moment
10. Learn from every rushing component
11. Riding into deep flow
Hold on but just let it go
12. The compass will always point North
There is no diving fork
13. Messy patterns swimming upstream
Not remembering the dream
14. Choose happiness or choose change
It's easier to rearrange then remain deranged
15. Earth is our birth
16. Promote what you love and forget the rest
17. Sit in your best
18. With nothing else left I smile in me
19. There is no wrong song in creativity
20. We are all baptized in purity
21. So continue to walk on merrily

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