Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Alicia Martin
Scott Beale, Dancer's Among Us
via Daughter's of Simone
via B(e) Notes
Rafal Milach
Osma Harvilahti
Death dance of gracious gifts
Feeding and flowing with Winter's whisper
Offering to life that live beyond me
I am here as an old Beginner

I remember those times too
Friendship in laughing clouds
Best friends and sharing it aloud
I miss you here
It's 10:42 and I think of you
My best friend we should not be two

Books and clothes and pictures and things
That inspire me
I want time to keep learning to continue on
This spirit has yet to learn patience
I am here.
You are there.
And I cannot open to the door to you

When I am there I thought of then
And now that I'm here, the recent past sings again
Always a step behind
I fantasize of romantic times
I enjoy the heaviness of rain
It keeps me alive
Feeling wet weight
The cold fog teases me with moist breath

I'm in a coffee shop
Sitting in one of those half outside half inside windows
I will not put my jacket on
I will pretend the yarn of my sweater top is not thickly woven allowing breeze to touch my skin

I received a hand written note from you two days ago
Dear friend, hello.
I agree.
Let us just speak of where we are in this moment
Of the trailing thoughts
Of the meandering movement
Let us leave the drama of our life behind
We are just Beginner's

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